Posted by: apblake | February 10, 2010

What’s the Big Surprise?

Well, there it went. During the course of only a few short hours just around eight hours on Tuesday, we saw the very slowly unfolding of this year’s line-up, or, as we’re told, the initial list. Surprises to come? Nice little treats? Only time will tell.

While a few of the artists on the bill have been leaked for a few days now, a few artists came right out of left field. If you’ve been following the minute-by-minute updates and speculation on the Inforoo board a lot of today’s announcements weren’t as much surprises as completely expected confirmations. Even those not on the boards got wind of the Flaming Lips’ appearance last week, and slots for Dave Matthews Band and Steve Wonder seemed all but set in stone until this afternoon. Not all of us got what we wanted today (where’s my Pavement?! Paul Simon?) but there sure were a few nice surprises. Which acts caught you off guard?



  1. Hangman Beartrap Generation

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